Original activities with printables to help you celebrate what makes each season special (indoors and out!)


  • fall

    10 Favorite Picture Books for Fall

    When fall is in the air, nothing is more inviting than cuddling up with your little ones to enjoy a great picture book together. Here are some of our favorite titles that will get you in an autumn mood. The Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall This classic book follows a […]

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  • preserving

    Preserving the Harvest

    “You crown the year with your bounty; your wagon tracks overflow with abundance”—Psalm 65:11 (ESV) Growing your own food is one of life’s great pleasures, but the joy does not need to stop with the garden. Preserving your harvest not only ensures healthy food throughout the year, it teaches your children […]

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  • First Day of School Printable Pack

    We’ve got a great Back to School Printable Pack for you filled with resources for your first days of school. Click here to download these free printables! In this packet you’ll find: Inspirational Quotes for Your Homeschool We’ve got 10 quote printables to inspire your homeschool from Scripture verses to […]

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  • Fruit & vegetable

    Fruit & Vegetable Nature Study Printables

    If you’re learning about cultivated crops, gardening or nutrition in your homeschool, these free nature study printables are the perfect resource! You can use the black & white version as coloring pages. Or print the color images for flashcards, matching games or hanging on the wall. Enjoy! You can download […]

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  • Secret Garden

    How to Start a Homeschool Book Club: The Secret Garden

    Will this be the year that you start a homeschool book club? We’ve got lots of great ideas to get you started with a book that your homeschool community is sure to love! The Secret Garden “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is […]

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  • books for summer

    10 Favorite Picture Books for Summer

    Summer is finally here! When you need a break from the beach or the pool, these picture books are just right for slowing down and savoring the magic that is summer. The Raft by Jim LaMarche Nicky isn’t looking forward to spending the summer with his quirky grandmother in her […]

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  • fun

    Nifty, Thrifty Summer Fun!

    “We do not remember days. We remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese Create some of those memorable moments with your children this summer, without leaving home and without spending much money. Here are some thrifty, old-fashioned, fun ideas to get you started. Even now as an adult, I recall the joy […]

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  • Activity guides

    10 Activity Guides for Keeping Summer Boredom at Bay

    Summer vacation is dragging on. VBS week is over. You don’t want the kids making mud by playing in the sprinkler in the backyard . . . again.  They don’t want to ride bikes, they say the basketball needs air, they’ve lost the skateboards. And now they’re bored! We’ve all been […]

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  • nature walking

    The Love and the Lure of Nature Walking

    Did you know that in the days of your great-grandparents the inclusion of nature instruction in school was a serious concern? Many of you have read a bit of Charlotte Mason’s books or A Girl of the Limberlost or Freckles. Some of you even own Anna Comstock’s Handbook of Nature […]

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  • Colorful Bird Nature Study Flashcards

    Bird Nature Study Printables

    This is a wonderful time of year for bird watching, and we’ve got just the thing to get your kiddos excited about finding and identifying birds in your area. Included in this bird nature study packet you’ll find: Bird Flashcards in both Black & White and Color – There are […]

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  • Homeschool Baseball Fan

    Summer Learning Activities for Your Baseball Fan

    It’s the season for America’s favorite pastime, the staple of many summers – baseball! If you’ve got a baseball lover, these activities are sure to keep them learning and having fun all summer long. We’ve got free printable activities and a list of great baseball picture books just for you […]

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  • Flower Nature Study Printables

    After a long winter, we hope you’re seeing some beautiful blooms in your area! These printable flower resources are a great way to help your little ones grow in their appreciation of the flowers you encounter this spring. Included in this nature study packet, you will find: Flower Flashcards in […]

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  • Fruit of the Spirit Devotional Skit & Craft

    I wrote this devotional for Keepers of the Home, my local homeschool Mother-Daughter social and home skills group. You could use it as a Sunday school class, youth group activity, a lesson for your homeschool co-op, or as part of a Mother-Daughter social at your church. It includes a skit, […]

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  • How To Host Your Own Year-End Homeschool Celebration

    I live two minutes away from the local elementary school. We drive by it to go almost anywhere: grocery shopping, library, dance class. Often the latest school event is displayed on the sign. I confess that I often became envious about all the neat things the elementary kids were doing […]

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  • 10 Favorite Picture Books for Spring

    With the days getting longer and sunnier, we’ve got a wonderful list of spring themed picture books for you. These books are perfect for reading under a shady tree, packing with a picnic for a stroll through the garden, or cuddling up with on the couch after a morning out […]

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  • Spring Nature Study Printables

    Winter is fading away and spring is upon us. Hooray! This time of year brings with it some unique opportunities for homeschoolers to create new learning experiences.  All around us there are trees in bloom, birds swooping in to feed their hatchlings, and critters running to and fro. So, to […]

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  • Hat & Mittens Printable Activity

    Here is a fun winter themed visual for math and phonics! You will need: Hat and Mitten templateNumeral/symbol/letter templateCrayons, colored pencils, or markersGlue or tapePoster board or large construction paper Directions: Have your students decorate and color the large hat and mittens as desired.   Cut out the images and […]

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  • Birch Trees on a Snowy Day “Resist Art”

    You will need: 2” or wider painter’s tape or masking tape Small blank white canvas or canvas panels (samples  were done on 8”x 10” panels) Toothpick or fork Blue paint (liquid watercolor, acrylic,  or tempera paint) Silver paint Black magic marker Shaving cream (the cheap local dollar store brand is […]

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  • Winter Homeschool Printables 

    I don’t know about you, but sometimes it can seem a little difficult to keep up momentum during those long winter days. The plunging temperatures make it much harder to spend as much time outdoors and it’s easy to find yourself in just a little bit of a rut. I’m […]

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  • Valentine’s Day Printable Activities

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It is a great time to show all our loved ones just how much we care about them. But we also think it’s perfect for injecting a little fun into our everyday homeschooling. If you are looking for ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day […]

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  • Earth Rotation Activity

    Why ARE days shorter in Winter? To answer that question, we need to learn some things about our planet Earth. Planet Earth spins on an axis that is tilted (about 23.5 degrees).  The Earth makes a complete rotation on its axis every 24 hours, while it revolves around the sun, […]

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  • Penguin Craft & Worksheet

    The long days of winter can be cold and rather claustrophobic! Break up your days with this fun Penguin craft & worksheet (after all, Penguins know all about living in the cold!). Plus it’s a great way to tie together the penguin section of books at your local library. The […]

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  • Winter Bird Activities

    Winter’s a great time for people to observe birds but it can be a tough season for the birds! Some species have left for warmer climates, but a few remain to brave out the cold. For the birds who don’t fly south, such as the Blue Jay, Black-Capped Chickadee, Nuthatch, […]

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  • Snow Activities

    Did you know?  Snowflakes are formed from individual snow crystals. Snow crystals are not frozen raindrops.  Frozen raindrops are what we call “sleet”. Snow crystals are formed when water vapor in the air freezes into ice without first converting to liquid water. Snow crystals start out as simple hexagon shaped prisms. […]

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