Here is a fun winter themed visual for math and phonics!

You will need:

Hat and Mitten template
Numeral/symbol/letter template
Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
Glue or tape
Poster board or large construction paper


Have your students decorate and color the large hat and mittens as desired.  

Cut out the images and glue or tape to a large piece of construction paper or poster board (optional).  Cut out the numerals, symbols and letters.

Here’s some examples of different ways you can use this flexible printable:

Beginner phonics practice:  place a letter on each piece (mitten/hat/mitten) for the student to sound out. Switch out a letter to create a new word

Letter recognition: Using the mittens only, match uppercase to lowercase letters.

Numerical Value:  place a number on each mitten piece, then have your student place the greater than (>), less than (<), or equal to (=) symbol on the hat. You can also use the dominoes pieces for this game.

Digit-Domino Match Up Game version 1: Using mittens only, match the digit to the domino of the same value.

Digit-Domino Match Up Game version 2: Using all pieces, show an addition problem as represented by the dots on a domino.

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