Are you learning about ocean life in your homeschool? Do you have a child who is fascinated by the sea? Download this Ocean Life Marine Biology Printable Pack for a fun ocean themed unit study.

In this packet you will find:

Ocean Animals Anatomy Worksheets: Learn to label the different parts of a dolphin, a fish, and a lobster.

Handwriting Practice: We have 6 pages where your children can practice their printing with ocean themed words and images.

Cutting Practice: Sharpen scissors skills by cutting the lines from the whales to the coral reef.

Ocean Zones Activity: Learn about the five different ocean zones. Cut out pictures of different sea creatures and glue them where they live to show the different types of ocean life that exist in each zone.

Oceans of the World: Name the six oceans of the world and locate them on a map.

Counting Cards: Practice number recognition by using clothespins to help your child count the ocean animals and clip the appropriate numeral.

Ocean Animal Flashcards: These colorful flashcards are great for learning the names of different sea creatures. Hang them up in your school area for some ocean themed decor, or print two copies and use them for a memory match game.

Coloring Pages: Your kids will love coloring these ocean scenes.

Ocean Vocabulary: Learn some key marine biology vocabulary words such as oceanography, continental shelf, and tide pool.

We’d love to see how you and your family use these Marine Biology printables. If you share a photo on Instagram be sure to tag us @homeschoolcompass or use the hashtag #homeschoolcompass

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  1. Nicole Angiola

    I am so impressed by Homeschool Compass! The blog is informative and has such creative and realistic ideas for homeschooling different age groups. My children range from 2-8 years old and I’ve been able to successfully get through a fun, interactive lesson, generously provided by Homeschool Compass. My kids love the activities. Thank you so much.

  2. Amazing! These are ALL amazing printables. Thank you for offering them for free! God bless!

  3. ¡Gracias por estos hermosos imprimibles! No sabes como ayudas a mi niño, gracias.

  4. Thank you so much for these amazing resources! It´s so gracious that it´s available for free! Many blessings in Christ! Fraternal regardings from Brazil!

  5. Cindy Cooke

    I have homeschooled for more than 40 years. These printables you offer have been a delightful addition this year because I am currently teaching two grandboys aged 7 and 13. The older one is fascinated by all things oceanic, and we are doing an Apologia series on Creation day creatures, and the younger one is fascinated by anatomy and all things in the bird world. It is such a blessing to have so many of these lovely creatures in a downloadable format that I can add to his supplies for making a notebook. Thank you so much for making them available free of charge. The internet is a great source, but often expensive.Blessings on your days!

    • I’m so glad they are a help! Your grandsons are blessed to have you homeschooling them 🙂 Thank you for all you’re doing to invest in the next generation.

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