Math Memorization Fun

Memorizing math facts won’t be a bore anymore with these “math-tastic” activities using supplies you may already have. Race Cars Create a number line on your floor using painter’s tape and a marker. As you show addition or subtraction flashcards one at a time, have your child race a car […]

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math and God's creation

Math and God’s Creation

Math—it often comes across as an abstract textbook exercise, especially in algebra, geometry, and calculus. Manipulate variables; formulate a proof; find derivatives, etc. What’s the purpose? Well, math is a way of describing the quantities and consistencies that God created and sustains all around us. Here’s a tiny glimpse at […]

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College Prep: Math!

Have you ever wished you could purchase a curriculum called “Work Ethic”? Are you looking for the perfect product to teach “Study Skills”? We all want our children to grow up to become hard working adults but it doesn’t happen by accident. A work ethic is taught through hard work. […]

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Choosing a Math Curriculum for Your Homeschool

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the Homeschool Compass by shopping through our page! Einstein once said, “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” What an interesting concept! Math is poetry. In the same what that poetry is the masterful rhythm of composition, the intentional putting together of […]

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