Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It is a great time to show all our loved ones just how much we care about them. But we also think it’s perfect for injecting a little fun into our everyday homeschooling.

If you are looking for ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day in your homeschool this year, look no further. We’ve created some fun activity sheets that will help you and your little ones celebrate February 14th. You’ll find activity sheets to build math skills and vocabulary, alongside a coloring page that little ones will surely love.

Valentine’s Day Fill-in-the-blanks: A great way to help children expand their vocabulary and improve spelling skills. [Download PDF here]

Heart Counting Activity: Perfect for helping children build on basic counting, addition and subtraction skills. [Download PDF here]

Love Jar: A fun activity that will help young ones to further develop fine motor skills while encouraging them to think creatively.  [Download PDF here]

Valentine’s Day Coloring: Time spent coloring is not only fun, but is also a great way to help a child concentrate and focus. Added bonus, coloring happens to be an incredibly relaxing task! [Download PDF here]

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  1. Thank you, those activities are perfect. My little one is keen to do them as soon as she saw them on the printer… especially the heart counting one and jar. Fab resources to add a bit of fun. We’re currently making some decorations and adding bits to a rattan wreath to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Take care, thanks for passing in the joy!

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