When your children are small, life is the curriculum. We’ve got the inspiration you need to fill your days with playful learning.


  • 10 Favorite Picture Books for Spring

    With the days getting longer and sunnier, we’ve got a wonderful list of spring themed picture books for you. These books are perfect for reading under a shady tree, packing with a picnic for a stroll through the garden, or cuddling up with on the couch after a morning out […]

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  • Free Scripture Memory Printable + Activities

    When your children memorize Scripture, they gain a wealth of Biblical knowledge that they can draw on for the rest of their lives. As Charles Swindoll has written, “I know of no other single practice in the Christian life that’s more rewarding, practically speaking, than memorizing Scripture…No other single exercise […]

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  • Home Education: Is it a Pursuit or a Passion?

    If you have been homeschooling for any length of time, you will eventually question your pursuit of this education-at-home idea. Difficult seasons, difficult children, difficult life circumstances—all can cause you to pause and wonder if you can keep going. Especially in the winters of our lives, we need a reason, […]

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  • Home Education: Choices, Challenges, and Faith

    Educating a child’s mind is the ultimate goal in developing a lifetime love for learning by means of experiences. Education is not merely grasping concepts forced into the brain to dissipate shortly after the information has been regurgitated through quick ways of testing. Our home education journey was a choice […]

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  • Pancakes Recipe & Coloring Page

    Have fun making pancakes with your kids with this easy-to-follow recipe and coloring page to keep the kids busy while they wait to flip the pancakes. Bon appétit! Click here to download your pancake printable.

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  • Summer Learning and Fun!

    While many parents see summer as a time of vacation and not education, preschool children need year-round learning. I’m not talking about year-round workbooks or sitting at a desk, but about daily planned learning combined with fun. My motto for the past 28 years has been, seize the summer and […]

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  • 35 Ideas to Keep Your Toddler or Preschooler Busy While You Homeschool

    There’s no question, homeschooling with a toddler or preschooler (or both!) underfoot is challenging. But with a little thought and planning you can pull together a variety of activities to keep your little ones busy and entertained. When my kids were young, I designated a little area to keep all […]

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  • Ladybug Color Mixing Activity

    Learn how to mix colors with this cute ladybug project! Materials you will need: Crayons Washable paint or watercolors Cup of water Paint brushes Plate or palette Cardstock or watercolor paper Scissors Glue stick Step One: Print out the Mixing Colors! Worksheet.  Put red, yellow and blue paint on your […]

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  • Muddy Hands: Encouraging Little Scientists in Your Backyard

    After the long days of winter, spring has finally arrived and the daylight hours are getting longer. Maybe cabin fever has taken your family by storm. There are many different activities that you and your child can do with those “extra” daylight hours. Getting outside is a great remedy for […]

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  • handwork

    Teaching Handwork to Young Children

    The work of childhood ought to be filled with joyful discovery. – Charlotte Mason As a child I loved creating with my hands, no matter the season. Summer daisy chains and mud pies, autumnal pocket treasures, frosty window drawings, and pressed spring flowers float through my childhood memories, like sparkles […]

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  • outdoors

    7 Ways to Appreciate the Outdoors While Mastering Early Writing Skills

    I’m always more than ready to go outside and dig in the dirt at the first sign of spring. Planting flowers in pots and small flower beds just makes everything beautiful again! The fresh air, crisp wind, and sparkling sunshine are good for my soul. Children naturally love the outdoors. […]

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  • formal math

    When to Begin Formal Math

    Does thinking about teaching math keep you up at night? Do you wrestle with wondering if your child is ready to begin formal math lessons? Or are you wading through a mountain of curriculum catalogs looking for that perfect math curriculum to help your struggling student? I hope this article […]

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  • Homeschooling Your Littles: The Value of Learning Through Play

    When you’re eager to get started on your homeschooling journey and you see the lovely pictures other homeschool families are posting online, let alone their traditionally-schooled peers, it can be really tempting to fill your preschooler’s days with structured activities, workbooks, and flashcards. Sometimes this impulse is born out of […]

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  • books for summer

    10 Favorite Picture Books for Summer

    Summer is finally here! When you need a break from the beach or the pool, these picture books are just right for slowing down and savoring the magic that is summer. The Raft by Jim LaMarche Nicky isn’t looking forward to spending the summer with his quirky grandmother in her […]

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  • nature study

    Nature Study Ideas

    My kids and I love nature studies. My assistant, Andrea and her family love nature as well. Here are a few things we have come up with together: 1. Find a local field guide. Some nature centers sell field guides which are incredibly helpful in actually identifying plants and animals. […]

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  • Family read aloud

    7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Family Read-Aloud Time

    1. Start Small, but Read Often! Establishing a routine is key to read aloud success with little ones. If your kids are young, or haven’t had much read-aloud experience, keep it short. Ten to fifteen minutes is a great place to start. Set apart a consistent time in your day […]

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  • Teaching Science to Little Ones at Home

    Doing hands-on science activities at home is a great way to fuel your young child’s natural curiosity and innate sense of wonder. You don’t necessarily need a formal science curriculum in the early years. Engaging projects using materials you already have around the house will go a long way toward […]

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  • Teaching Preschool Math at Home

    Preschoolers are some of my favorite people. They are full of energy, they’re naturally inquisitive, and they’re not afraid to let you know how they really feel. While their short attention spans and boundless enthusiasm may mean they aren’t able to engage with a formal math curriculum, that doesn’t mean […]

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  • Ideas for Entertaining the Littles While You Teach the Big Kids

    Keeping little ones busy so you can buy enough time to teach your older students is one of the biggest challenges homeschoolers face. I cannot overemphasize that these suggestions are merely that—suggestions.  As one homeschooling mom to another.  These are some things that worked for our family dynamics and in […]

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  • Teaching Your Child to Read

    Frustrated When Teaching Your Child to Read? Here’s Help!

    Your child may be frustrated from constantly being corrected. You may be frustrated from constantly correcting your child. Your child is going to make some mistakes; that is part of learning to read. Some children are used to being corrected so often that they look up after every word to […]

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  • Organizing Your Preschooler and Your Preschool

    As a Mom of a preschooler, I was overwhelmed when my mentor asked me what I was doing to help organize my preschooler and my preschool. All I could think of is, “How do I organize a hurricane?” I knew I didn’t want a rigid schedule but knew I needed […]

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  • History for Preschoolers

    It is never too early to encourage your child to love the study of history. From baby and toddlerhood into the preschool years, reading historical stories together sets the stage for a fascinating journey for a child.1 Real stories from the past do more than entertain a preschool child; they […]

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  • Nurture Your Children’s Language Development

    Parents—whether or not they homeschool their children—are in the best position to give their children a solid foundation in English. Here are some things they can do. General Recognize that each child is an individual. Avoid comparing one child’s language abilities with another’s. Talk to your children about a variety […]

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