Welcome spring to your homeschool with this simple flower painting activity that’s perfect for all ages. Experimenting with different painting techniques (like using a fork instead of a paint brush!) is a great way to sharpen fine motor skills and nurture creativity. You could bring your finished craft to a neighbor or shut-in to brighten their day, make one for your mom or grandma for a Mother’s Day gift, or display around your home to add some spring cheer!

You will need:


Step One

Trace and cut out one flower pot and one set of leaves and stems. Use our pattern template or make your own design!

Step Two

Glue the leaf and stem onto the paper. Then glue on the flower pot to cover the base of the stems. Now you’re ready to paint!

Step Three

Choose the colors you would like to use for your flowers, and add the paints to your paper plate or palette.

Step Four

Dip the back of your fork into the paint and then stamp it onto the tops of your flower steps. Use a gentle rolling motion to press the entire top of the fork into a flower blossom shape. You might want to try a few times on scrap paper first to get a feel for what kind of motion makes best prints. You can also try different types of forks to create different shapes and sizes of flowers.

Step Five

Use paint brushes or markers to add more details if you wish. Get creative!

We’d love to see how your fork flower paintings turn out! If you share a photo on Instagram or Facebook, be sure to tag us @homeschoolcompass and use the hashtag #homeschoolcompass.

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Thank you for including us in your homeschool this spring! We can’t wait to see what you create.

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