Thanksgiving is such a cozy time of year full of yummy food, beautiful colors, and extra reminders to give thanks. If you’d like to add a more festive feel to your homeschool in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we’ve got some fun holiday activities for you.

You can download our entire Thanksgiving Activities packet here, or select the activities that suit your children from the list below.

Make Your Own Dinner Menu

In this writing exercise, you’ll use your 5 senses and your best adjectives to describe the items on your Thanksgiving menu.

Double an Apple Pie Recipe

Doubling this Thanksgiving recipe is the perfect way to practice multiplying whole numbers and fractions.

I’m Thankful For… From A to Z

Write something to give thanks for using each letter of the alphabet. This would be a great group activity to add to your Thanksgiving feast.

Draw a Turkey

Trace your hand and add color and detail to draw a Thanksgiving turkey.

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  1. You have the best resources. Thank you for taking the time to provide these educational, fun, and cute activities for busy homeschool moms! it is such a gift.

  2. Love these activities, thank you.

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