You don’t always need a costly curriculum. There’s so much learning to be done with just a library card and a pile of picture books.

  • Summer Learning Activities for Your Baseball Fan

    It’s the season for America’s favorite pastime, the staple of many summers – baseball! If you’ve got a baseball lover, these activities are sure to keep them learning and having fun all summer long. We’ve got free printable activities and a list of great baseball picture books just for you […]

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  • 9 Ways To Enjoy Language Arts Together with Limited Resources

    Many of us find ourselves home with our kids even more than usual due to the COVID-19 situation. With libraries closed, co-op classes on hold, and friends and family kept at a distance, you may feel like you don’t have enough books and resources to really be able to teach […]

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  • 10 Favorite Picture Books for Spring

    With the days getting longer and sunnier, we’ve got a wonderful list of spring themed picture books for you. These books are perfect for reading under a shady tree, packing with a picnic for a stroll through the garden, or cuddling up with on the couch after a morning out […]

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  • 7 Rewards of Read-Alouds

    I recently spoke with my older children about our read-aloud days of homeschooling. I spoke with my oldest (who is now a college student) along with four of my other daughters whose ages range from 9 – 18. I collected these ideas from our homeschool days and would like to […]

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  • 20 Great Books for Black History Month

    Every February we set aside some time to commemorate the African-American community and celebrate the impact they have had on our nation. Reading books together as a family is a wonderful way to learn more about these great Americans and the important contributions they have made to our society. Here’s […]

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  • fall

    10 Favorite Picture Books for Fall

    When fall is in the air, nothing is more inviting than cuddling up with your little ones to enjoy a great picture book together. Here are some of our favorite titles that will get you in an autumn mood. The Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall This classic book follows a […]

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  • picture book biography

    10 Picture Book Biographies about World-Changing Girls

    As you parent your girls to chase their dreams, fuel their creativity and inspiration with these picture books. You’ll read about ground-breaking women in the fields of math, science, literature, art, and more. What they all have in common is a drive to succeed and a determination to never give […]

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  • Family Reading Time

    Read to Me Forever: The Joys of Family Reading

    When our kids are small, it’s a special joy to snuggle up with them on the couch or the bed or the big, comfy chair and read to them. We look at the pictures together, learn the rhymes together, and our hearts say, Yes. This is good. Good for them. Good […]

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  • books for summer

    10 Favorite Picture Books for Summer

    Summer is finally here! When you need a break from the beach or the pool, these picture books are just right for slowing down and savoring the magic that is summer. The Raft by Jim LaMarche Nicky isn’t looking forward to spending the summer with his quirky grandmother in her […]

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  • Introducing a Foreign Language Through Picture Books (Even If You Don’t Speak the Language)

    Exposure to a foreign language deepens a child’s academic and emotional development in many meaningful ways, and sharing foreign language picture books is a wonderful way introduce a new language to your little ones. Reading aloud in a foreign language offers all the same benefits as reading aloud in your […]

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  • Child Reading Picture Book

    Picture Books for Everyone: Why You Should Keep Reading Picture Books Even After Your Child Learns To Read

    Sometimes as homeschool parents we can unwittingly value our kids’ reading for themselves as more important than them being read to.  Sometimes when we emphasize kids reading independently we can unwittingly devalue the importance of reading enjoyable stories together. We spend so many hours on letter sounds and sight words […]

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  • How to Raise a Reader: 10 Tips to Promote Literacy at Home

    There are many ways you as a parent can support your child’s growing literacy. Here are some strategies you can use with your family to help your kids see themselves as readers. Read every single day. You can start when your children are infants. Create special times of day that […]

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  • Family read aloud

    7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Family Read-Aloud Time

    1. Start Small, but Read Often! Establishing a routine is key to read aloud success with little ones. If your kids are young, or haven’t had much read-aloud experience, keep it short. Ten to fifteen minutes is a great place to start. Set apart a consistent time in your day […]

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