Nurture your child’s love of nature and their appreciation of the fascinating world of trees with these endearing stories and accessible guide books.

Little Tree by Loren Long

Your preschoolers will fall in love with Little Tree, who resists the changing of the seasons and clings tightly to his leaves. He loves his life just the way it is! Year after year Little Tree remains unchanged as the trees around him shed their leaves and grow toward the sky. With a some encouragement from his friends squirrel, fawn, and fox, Little Tree finds the courage to surrender and embrace the uncertainty of change. A poignant story for adults and children alike, but especially meaningful for ages 3 to 5.

A Tree Is Nice by Janice May Udry

This 1957 Caldecott Medal winner is a classic worth revisiting. With simple text and relatable pictures, this book captures all that children love most about trees. Perfect for ages 4 to 8.

Curious George Plants a Tree by H. A. Rey

Curious George loves visiting the science museum! When he learns that the museum is hosting a day all about conservation and planting trees, George wants to help. In typical George fashion, the result is a jam that requires the community to work together to get George out of trouble and help the museum plant trees. Ideal for ages 4 to 8.

The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt

In this traditional folktale, three trees on a mountain dream of what they will be when they grow up. The first aspires to be a treasure chest, the second longs to become a boat that sails the seas, and the third wants to be a signpost to God. Their wishes come to be in ways far more significant than they ever anticipated as they play a part in the life of Christ and his atoning sacrifice on the cross. Designed for ages 4 to 8.

I Can Name 50 Trees Today! All About Trees by Bonnie Worth

Join the Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, and Thing 2 as they learn all about 50 of the most common types of trees. Your children will start to notice things like leaf structure and tree shape as they make observations in the pages of this book. Ideal for ages 4 to 8.

Sky Tree: Seeing Science Through Art by Thomas Locker

Pairing rich oil paintings with scientific text, your children will gain a deeper appreciation for the wonder of trees. Chronicling the changes of the tree through all four seasons, you’ll see a snapping turtle lay its eggs beneath the tree’s branches in spring and a squirrel stash nuts inside its trunk in autumn. Ideal for ages 4 to 8.

The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry

You can feel author and illustrator Lynne Cherry’s love of trees coming through on every page. With stunning illustrations and enchanting storytelling, she weaves a tale of a man who wears himself out trying to chop down an enormous kapok tree. As he dozes beneath the tree, the creatures of the rainforest whisper in his ear about the importance of trees and how all living things depend on one another. Ideal for ages 5 to 8.

The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado

Little Acorn grows into a mighty Oak, but he can’t make tasty fruit or beautiful flowers like his other tree friends. Finally he discovers his strong branches were made for a very important purpose. This heartwarming parable teaches children that each of us has a unique gift to bring and that we find our purpose not in comparison or striving, but in being who God made us to be. Written for ages 5 to 10.

The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-Ups by Gina Ingoglia

This trusty reference book answers kids’ common tree related questions with responses from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It chronicles 33 of the most common U.S. trees including detailed watercolor illustrations and life-size depictions of leaves, flowers, and seeds. Perfect for ages 8 to 12, but worth having on hand for readers of all ages.

Trees, Leaves, and Bark: A Take-Along Guide by Diane L. Burns

This nonfiction title is another great reference book to have on hand or to bring along on your next nature walk. Geared toward kids and more accessible than official field guides, this book is full of great information and helpful illustrations. Ideal for ages 8 to 12.

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