Do your kids love learning about animals and nature? If so, these endearing farm picture books are perfect for your homeschool.

Baby Farm Animals by Garth Williams

Simple, humorous text identifies each fuzzy, furry, or feathery farm animal capering about the farm. This longtime favorite has been reissued for a new generation of kids, who will “pet” the animals on each page over and over again!

James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

Set in the rolling dales of Yorkshire, England, these classic tales have captivated readers for years. Now they’ve been adapted for a new generation of animal lovers! In this volume you’ll find eight beautifully illustrated favorites, including Moses the Kitten, Bonnie’s Big Day, and Smudge, the Little Lost Lamb. A wonderful addition to any child’s library.

We Belong to Each Other by Liz Marie and Jose Galvan

Grace feels as if she doesn’t belong because she is the only sheep at White Cottage Farm. But as she experiences the love of the other animals and her kind owners, she begins to feel safe in her new home and recognizes that God provided her with a loving family. Your kids will love the warm and cozy farm illustrations, the delightful rhyming text, and the affirming message that home is any place filled with love.

The Berenstain Bears Down on the Farm by Jan & Stan Berenstain

The Bear family is visiting Farmer Ben today. Brother and Sister have so many questions about how the farm works, and Farmer Ben has a lot to teach them. They never knew hard work could be so much fun!

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

When the sun comes up on the farmyard, the spider is hard at work weaving her web so that she can catch an unsuspecting fly. One by one the animals of the nearby farm try to divert her, but the busy little spider keeps patiently at her work. Finally, she finishes and shows the whole barnyard that her work is useful as well as beautiful.

Cows Can Moo! Can You? All About Farms by Bonnie Worth

Filled with Dr. Seuss-esque illustrations and paired with a fun, rhyming text, readers will love learning about farm life, from cows being milked, chickens being fed, sheep being sheered, fields being tilled, fertilized, reaped, mowed, irrigated and more!

Night Night, Farm by Amy Parker

In Night Night, Farm by Amy Parker, parents and little ones will unwind as sweet farm animals in pj’s say goodnight to their farm, their mommies and daddies, and to God.

Put on Your PJs, Piggies! by Laura Neutzling

Children will love this silly story of piggies who do not want to put on their pjs and go to bed. A fun addition to any family’s bedtime routine.

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin

Farmer Brown has a problem. His cows like to type. All day long he hears: Click, clack, moo. Click, clack, moo. Click, clack, moo.But Farmer Brown’s problems REALLY begin when his cows start leaving him notes…Come join the fun as a bunch of literate cows turn Farmer Brown’s farm upside-down!

Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall

This classic book shows life on the farm month by month as the farmer packs the ox cart with all the goods that were grown, and made by his family to be sold at the market. He kisses his family good-bye and takes the full ox cart to market to sell all his goods, only to begin the process all over again for the next year.

Busy, Busy Farm by Richard Scarry

This delightful peek into farm life through the eyes of your favorite Busytown characters like Huckle Cat and Farmer Alfalfa. Your children will be invited to put on their overalls and join the farm crew as they tend the vegetable garden, harvest the corn, feed the chickens, and more. Simple and sweet, this is one your kids will ask to read again and again.

Curious George’s Day at the Farm by H.A. Rey

Curious George and the man with the yellow hat spend a busy day at the Jackson Family Farm. Help George find the milking pail, gather all of the eggs in the hen house, and even come up with a plan to keep the crows away from the crops!

Cuddle up, Cows! by Thomas Nelson

This is a story of some lively cows who would rather stay out and play than settle down for sleep. Children can help Grandma Cow calm her young herd by coaxing them to cuddle up!

The Jolly Barnyard by Anne North Bedford

It’s Farmer Brown’s birthday, and the animals are deciding what they’ll do for him on his special day.

Lantern Hill Farm Holiday Collection by Meadow Rue Merrill

The Lantern Hill Farm Books wrap up God’s message neatly in heartwarming stories and fun family activities that you and your kids can share throughout the years!

The Animals of Farmer Jones by Richard Scarry

Oink! Cluck! Moo! It’s suppertime on the farm and all the animals are hungry. But where is Farmer Jones?

Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

In joyous and exuberant pictures, Felicia Bond lovingly evokes Margaret Wise Brown’s simple, rhythmic text about the cycle of a day on a farm, where a family of animals peacefully plays and sleeps. This is the perfect story for your littlest farm lovers.

Winter on the Farm by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The young farmer boy Almanzo goes through his afternoon barn chores, and then sits down to eat a hearty farm supper with his family.

The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone

“Who will plant this wheat?” cried the little red hen. “Not I,” said the cat. “Not I,” said the dog. “Not I,” said the mouse. Find out what happens when no one will help the little red hen bake her bread.

Who Took the Farmer’s Hat? by Joan L. Nodset

The wind came, and blew the farmer’s hat away. Neither squirrel, nor Mouse, nor Duck, nor any of the other animals has seen the hat–though they had seen some pretty strange things. Would the farmer ever find his favorite hat?

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