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Back to Basics: The 7 Art Elements

When teaching a student the basics of investigative writing, you start by asking the basic “w” questions: Who? What? When? Where? And why? These are fundamental and act as a great start for fact gathering for the young writer. Likewise, there are seven fundamentals for the young artist to use […]

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Muddy Hands: Encouraging Little Scientists in Your Backyard

After the long days of winter, spring has finally arrived and the daylight hours are getting longer. Maybe cabin fever has taken your family by storm. There are many different activities that you and your child can do with those “extra” daylight hours. Getting outside is a great remedy for […]

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Math Memorization Fun

Memorizing math facts won’t be a bore anymore with these “math-tastic” activities using supplies you may already have. Race Cars Create a number line on your floor using painter’s tape and a marker. As you show addition or subtraction flashcards one at a time, have your child race a car […]

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