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won't write

When My Child Just Won’t Write

Stubborn, willful, or something else? What’s the difference between “won’t write” and “can’t write,” and how are you to know which describes your child? A teacher whose gifted students were referred to my Resource Room Language Arts program once said, “They just won’t write anything for me … they just […]

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Creative Ways to Get Kids Writing

From the time I was a small child, I have loved telling stories. At the age of 9, I told everyone I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Imagine then, having two sons who struggled learning to read—let alone write stories. Both of my sons resisted writing […]

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math and God's creation

Math and God’s Creation

Math—it often comes across as an abstract textbook exercise, especially in algebra, geometry, and calculus. Manipulate variables; formulate a proof; find derivatives, etc. What’s the purpose? Well, math is a way of describing the quantities and consistencies that God created and sustains all around us. Here’s a tiny glimpse at […]

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cultivating creativity

Cultivating Creativity

Creativity can seem mysterious and daunting. For example, you may have seen a piece of art and marveled, “How do they do that?” or maybe you have said, “I could do that,” only to fail miserably trying to make a simple sketch. But whether you are a budding artist or […]

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