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Do you have a child who loves to build? There are so many awesome possibilities for gifts that will keep your little engineer happy and engaged. Here are a few of our favorites!


These colorful magnetic tiles are an investment, but they’re so worth it for the hours of open-ended, creative play they inspire. These are one of the few toys I’ll be holding onto for future generations. You can start with a basic set, or try one of the new themed sets out this year like the Construction Vehicles, Jungle Animals, Dinosaurs, or Arctic Creatures.

Design and Drill Activity Center

Design & Drill Activity Center   -

This is a fun one for preschool and early elementary kids! They can create their own designs or follow colorful activity cards to make pictures and patterns of trains, boats, flowers, fish, and more. Just snap the drill bits into the reversible power drill or the screwdriver handle, grab a handful of big bolts, and let the fun begin.


Contraptions   -

This simple set of stacking wood planks provides everything kids need to build elaborate ball track structures with planks, chutes, funnels, and crazy contraptions like the Black Hole and Bounce Plate. The opportunities for creativity and experimentation are endless.


This tried-and-true classic is always a hit! Whether you go with a classic bucket of bricks or one of the many imaginative sets available, a LEGO set is sure to provide your little engineer with hours of entertainment.

LEGO Idea Books

My kids love flipping through LEGO books to get some inspiration for their next build. There’s some fun new ones out this year like How to Build LEGO Dinosaurs. The LEGO Architecture Idea Book is another favorite.

LEGO Architecture

For older kids, a LEGO Architecture set is a fun challenge! Kids and teens can recreate landmarks like the Great Pyramid at Giza, the White House, and the New York City Skyline. Each set contains over 1,000 pieces and comes with a booklet explaining the history and design features of the building.

Snap Circuits

These colorful circuit board sets snap together to allow your kids to build fun projects like a color-changing light-up fan, a fully operable rover, an alarm circuit, and more.

Blocks in a Box

The possibilities for creative construction are endless with this box of colorful wooden blocks.

Architectural Engineering

This model building kit allows your kids to play the role of architect by constructing basic elements like trusses, arches, and domes before moving on to giant complex models of real-world buildings like the Sydney Opera House or the Eiffel Tower.


Introduce your kids to the world of interior design! This kit allows your child to create their own unique 3-D home model, build it from the ground up, and then decorate it to make it their dream space. There’s a detailed guide to teach real drafting skills, professional drawing techniques, and geometry as well as real tools like a drafting triangle, compass and more.


Have you heard of Squigz? These colorful suction cups stick to virtually any flat surface and each other so kids of virtually any age and ability can build a creative masterpiece.

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