Language Arts

Is My Child Ready to Read?

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the Homeschool Compass by shopping through our page! This statement may come as a surprise to you, but you have been teaching your child to read since shortly after birth! The very first time you read your baby Goodnight Moon, pointed to a stop sign while […]

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Reading the Classics with High School Students

Click here to see our suggested list of classics to read with your high schoolers. Throughout history, education has been about the exploration of great ideas—the purpose of life; the living out of virtues—all part of the process of thoughtful maturing. High school is the perfect time for students to join this great conversation through encounters with classic literature. Not only are […]

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Child Reading Picture Book

Picture Books for Everyone: Why You Should Keep Reading Picture Books Even After Your Child Learns To Read

Sometimes as homeschool parents we can unwittingly value our kids’ reading for themselves as more important than them being read to.  Sometimes when we emphasize kids reading independently we can unwittingly devalue the importance of reading enjoyable stories together. We spend so many hours on letter sounds and sight words […]

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Fun Ways to Teach Grammar

“Grammar? Argh!” Have your children ever moaned those words? Completing endless pages of grammar exercises often elicits that very response. Direct, sequential grammar instruction is important for helping students to understand sentence structure (and thereby to improve as readers and writers), but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun […]

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