unexpected rewards

Unexpected Rewards!

Every day—often several times a day—he calls. Of course, I am thrilled! What mom isn’t overjoyed to hear the voice of a beloved 19-year-old son who is absolutely thriving in college? Once they get to be over six feet tall, need to shave their beards, and have what has been […]

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homeschooling backwards

Homeschooling Backwards!

In our new state of Colorado, we have to take standardized tests every odd year. Because my kids are not used to testing, we purchased the practice test first so that we could go slowly and understand the test before taking it. We also took the practice as opportunity to […]

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3 Myths About the Distracted Child

Jenny was sitting in church trying desperately to listen to the sermon, but her mind kept wandering, thinking about having to pick Dennis up from his Sunday school class. Every Sunday the knot in her stomach accompanied her as she traveled to church. She just knew people thought she was […]

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Your Children Need a Prayer Warrior

As homeschool parents, we “sacrifice” quite a bit. Putting aside our career, doing without luxuries, living on one salary, or giving up some hobbies is not considered unreasonable because we know our primary task as parents is to raise our children to know, love, and serve the Lord. But what […]

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fair winds

Fair Winds and Following Seas

“Fair winds and following seas” is a common phrase often rendered to a shipmate as she or he retires or encounters another change of station. But this phrase is not only a way of bidding farewell to shipmates, I believe it is a phrase that summarizes the hope and attitude […]

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