I am blessed to have been born into a homeschool family and experienced firsthand the benefits of being a homeschooled student. As a homeschooler, I have received love and support from my family, time to pursue my own dreams and interests, the ability to learn subjects at a speed that best suits me, and freedom from the expectations of others.

I am free from the unhealthy side effects of lack of sleep, free from being bullied, free from extra unneeded homework, and pressure I might receive if I were a slow learner. Or, if I am ahead and already have the knowledge of what is being taught, I am free from having to waste time on that subject. Because of these freedoms, children like me who are raised in loving homeschooled environments are more likely to have a happier and more successful future.


One of the many reasons I benefited from homeschooling was that it gave me relief and freedom from the struggle of trying to live up to human standards and expectations. Because my parents chose to homeschool me, I am able to choose who I want to become and grow into who God made me to be. If I were in a public school setting, I would have been expected to not only sit and pay attention through almost a full day of classes (that sometimes teach topics that are nonessential, non-factual, or immoral), I would also be required to put even more time into unnecessary homework at the end of the long day of lectures. I am free from having to live up to others’ standards and expectations in my home environment. I can actually learn for life and not just for tests.

Christian Beliefs

Homeschooling has provided me the ability to learn and research things that I think are necessary and parallel to my beliefs. For example, Christian homeschoolers have the freedom to pray, read our Bibles, or even sing aloud to our God during what would normally be “school hours.” I have found that public systems are constantly telling children what to think, and not allowing them the opportunity to see various viewpoints or develop the skill of learning how to think for themselves. For example, they teach evolution as fact and not theory.

Safety & Comfort

Being homeschooled has protected me from many hostile or uncomfortable situations such as school violence, protection from being bullied, and even the simple yet sometimes dangerous task of walking alone to and from school or bus stops. Because of homeschooling, I am free from all these things and now have the freedom to learn in safety and comfort, at my own pace, pursuing what I love, comfortably learning in a family setting.

My Own Pace and Interests

I might struggle to learn subjects at the same pace as all other students. But homeschooling allows me to learn subjects as fast or slow as needed. I struggle with grammar and writing and must therefore spend more time and effort to really understand and write things well. I am able to research as well as use the very best curriculum for my level of learning in any subject. I am free to take as long as I need to master the subject.

Again, being homeschooled, I am privileged with the freedom to learn as much of any subject I have an interest in as compared to other learning environments where I might only scratch the surface. I was also able to double up on classes and graduate a year early.

Another reason home education is highly beneficial is because of the time I have to pursue subjects, or even hobbies, which may grow into something bigger for my future. With this time, I can practice my music, art, learn teen entrepreneurism, and study ornithology—all of which I would have had to either research myself on weekends or cram into a busy week of having to go to school. I have the freedom and peace of learning what I love and growing into who I wish to become.


Educating at home has really opened my eyes to how blessed I am to be a homeschooler and have a family that loves and supports me with all the tools I need and endless possibilities of what my future can be. The relaxed state of learning at home without the stress of trying to live up to others’ standards, or trying to impress peers, are some of the many benefits of homeschooling.

I hope that I have at least brought to your attention the importance of homeschooling and why it is necessary for your kids to be safe, free, and well educated. I, and a vast majority of our fellow homeschooled families, highly encourage you to take up your right to homeschool and stand for what is right and best for your children and the next generations to come.

Copyright 2020, The Old Schoolhouse®. Used with permission. All rights reserved by the Author. Originally appeared in the Fall 2020 issue of The Old Schoolhouse®Magazine, the trade publication for homeschool moms.

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Mercy Suzanne Wuehler graduated high school at age 17. She is the sixth child to graduate from Adonai Academy, the Wuehler family’s homeschool. Mercy plays cello, loves to create art in many forms, and loves nature studies, especially entomology and ornithology.