New to Homeschooling

Muddy Hands: Encouraging Little Scientists in Your Backyard

After the long days of winter, spring has finally arrived and the daylight hours are getting longer. Maybe cabin fever has taken your family by storm. There are many different activities that you and your child can do with those “extra” daylight hours. Getting outside is a great remedy for […]

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starting in seventh

Starting at Seventh

Are you crazy? I might be. At least, if you believe what people said about our decision to start homeschooling in the seventh grade. But if results mean anything, I’ll take crazy any day. By the time my son Christopher reached sixth grade he had attended four different schools, one […]

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Homeschooling by Calling

In our family, teaching at home is not a choice but a calling. During our twenties, my husband and I began to know and love God. We were compelled to live our life surrendered to Him. While teaching at an inner-city public school, God impressed upon my heart that He […]

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