In the stress of getting everything ready for a new school year, it’s easy to lose sight of the privilege it is to get to pour God’s love into our children day after day, year after year.

Thank God for His Protection

Because your children stay home with you, you don’t have to experience the anxiety of sending them into an unknown environment each day. Of course, homeschooling is no guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen to our kids, but we are blessed to know that our children are safe in the security of a loving home where they are honored and appreciated for the unique individuals they are.

Thank God for the Influence You Have

As a homeschool parent, you get to be the primary influence in your children’s lives. No one else has more time with them than you do. No one else has more opportunity to speak truth into their hearts. We have the ability to model the kindness and patience of God to our kids in a way that no one else can! This is an honor and a privilege that we shouldn’t take for granted.

Thank God for Time

When we homeschool, we get to make the most of the time we have as a family. No shipping our kids off for the majority of their waking hours! We get to cherish the gift that is childhood without rushing our children to reach arbitrary milestones. They get the time they need to pursue their unique passions. They even get time to be bored and to experience that growth that often flows from boredom. Homeschooling allows us to slow down and enjoy the season of life we’re in.

Thank God for Freedom

As homeschoolers we have the ability to live a life that aligns with our values. Whatever we prioritize in our family, no one else is dictating to us how we need to spend our days. Regardless of our faith, our educational philosophy, or our lifestyle, we have the freedom to the craft the life we were made for without outside interference.

Sometimes homeschooling can feel like a chore, but gratitude helps us remember, homeschooling isn’t something we have to do. It’s something we get to do! Let’s thank God for entrusting us with the honor of shepherding our families in this way.

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Aimee grew up in rural Michigan, where she was captivated by Jesus as a teenager and married her high school sweetheart. Together they moved to New England where they homeschool their two children together. Aimee has a Master's degree in Biblical Languages from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She enjoys exploring new places, reading great stories, and enjoying the outdoors with her family.