time management

Time Management with a Technological Twist

Throughout adolescence, a child’s ability to transition from one activity to the next is influenced by factors such as environment, routine, behavior modeling, and self-motivation. For many children, being able to independently navigate from preferred to non-preferred activities is a struggle. For many parents—especially those raising a child with autism […]

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plate spinning mama

The Plate-Spinning Mama

You homeschool. You work. You cook, clean, do the dishes, buy the food, and manage the laundry. You have a dog. You have a husband. You have children. You have a body. You have a lot of plates in the air. They are spinning. The first rule of thumb: You […]

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The Symphony of Routines

When was the last time you went to hear a performance by a symphony orchestra? Do you remember hearing the orchestra warm up? Each player tunes, plays, adjusts, and plays again on his own accord, with no regard to others in the area. Although you can hear the beauty in […]

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The Place for Homeschooling

Before you take out a loan to build an addition on your home for the perfect classroom, or think that you can’t homeschool without a line of credit for supplies, please consider a few points from a homeschool mama who got it all wrong in the beginning. Once my family […]

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Managing Home and Homeschool

Homeschooling by itself is a full-time job, and so is keeping house. Sometimes it seems when I focus on one, the other inevitably falls behind. Can you relate? Making our house a home for our families and educating our children is such important work, probably the most significant thing we’ll […]

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