5 Steps to Better Time Management

Productivity. It’s a word that can carry tremendous pride and immense guilt. In the course of a week, I can swing from, “Wow! I got so much done!” to “Did I get anything done?” And just when I think I’m doing well, some well-meaning article will tout that we can’t […]

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Inexpensive Organization

Aside from the fact that an organized space is just plain relaxing and enjoyable, there also are a few undeniable practical reasons to organize your space. The reason that carries the most weight with me is the fact that a lack of organization is expensive. Take a moment to think […]

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time management

Time Management with a Technological Twist

Throughout adolescence, a child’s ability to transition from one activity to the next is influenced by factors such as environment, routine, behavior modeling, and self-motivation. For many children, being able to independently navigate from preferred to non-preferred activities is a struggle. For many parents—especially those raising a child with autism […]

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plate spinning mama

The Plate-Spinning Mama

You homeschool. You work. You cook, clean, do the dishes, buy the food, and manage the laundry. You have a dog. You have a husband. You have children. You have a body. You have a lot of plates in the air. They are spinning. The first rule of thumb: You […]

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