Reading books by other homeschoolers is a great way to reconnect with your vision for homeschooling and remind yourself why you’re doing this. Here are ten books that are sure to rekindle your passion for this homeschooling adventure!

The Brave Learner: Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning and Life by Julie Bogart

The Brave Learner is like therapy for your homeschool mama heart in book form. Drawing from her decades of experience homeschooling 5 kids, Julie challenges us to question the educational paradigms that drive us to push, nag, and battle our kids over schoolwork. Instead, she invites us to create a learning atmosphere that makes room for surprise, risk, mystery and adventure, to set our children free to explore and grow with curiosity and delight.

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson

If you always wanted to have a houseful of kids, but now that you’re in the trenches of parenting, it feels a little bit like you are losing your mind, this book is for you. With a wonderful back-and-forth between Sarah Mae, a young mom up to her neck in diapers and dishes, and Sally Clarkson, a homeschool veteran who has launched 4 children into adulthood, this book will encourage you that you are not alone and lift your weary spirit.

Rethinking School: How to Take Charge of Your Child’s Education by Susan Wise Bauer

A second generation homeschooler, Susan has lots to say about why the mainstream educational system doesn’t work for many families. She encourages parents to adopt the mindset that if your child isn’t thriving in school, the problem is the school environment, not the child. Susan shows us how to get on the same team with our children in finding ways to flex the school environment to work for you, or if that fails, to remove the child from the school setting completely. This book is invaluable for anyone who is considering homeschooling after time in a traditional school setting or who is weighing which educational options will be the best fit for their child.

Homeschool Bravely: How to Squash Doubt, Trust God and Teach Your Children with Confidence by Jamie Erickson

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with doubt as a homeschool mom? If the what-ifs are taking up too much space in your head (What if I’m not doing enough? What if I made the wrong decision? What if they never get into college?), you’ll love the shift in perspective Jamie brings based on her decades of homeschooling experience. With lots of practical guidance like what to do with the toddlers while your trying to teach and how to stay strong when others criticize your decision to homeschool, you’ll be encouraged and inspired by this book.

The Life-Giving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming by Sally and Sarah Clarkson

If you long to create a home atmosphere of warmth, love, and connection, this is the book for you. The mother-daughter team of Sally and Sarah Clarkson describe how their family worked to nurture a life-giving sanctuary that everyone longs to come home to. You’ll learn the Biblical principles behind crafting a home with intentionality as well as practical suggestions on how to bring this about with your limited time and energy.

Introverted Mom: Your Guide to More Calm, Less Guilt, and Quiet Joy by Jamie C. Martin

Jamie has written a gem of a book filled with vulnerable stories from her own journey of mothering and sanity-saving principles from the lives of her favorite literary heroines: Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery and Jane Austen to name a few. If you’ve ever wondered if you can make it as a homeschool mom with the 24/7 noise, constant relational interaction, and unending stimulation, this book will show you that you can thrive as a homeschool mom and that your introversion isn’t just a deficit. It is a strength. I wish I’d had this book years ago.

Finding Selah: The Simple Practice of Peace When You Need It Most by Kristen Kill

Peace is something we crave as homeschool moms, isn’t it? When Kristen found herself stretched beyond her capacity as a homeschooling mama of 5, she leaned into her longing for more and found what she was looking for in the Psalms. Her story of how God met her in her emptiness will transform the way you think about your mothering and homeschooling.

The Next Right Thing: A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions by Emily P. Freeman

Homeschooling involves so many tiny daily decisions that feel momentous in their impact. It can really wear us down as homeschool moms. Emily offers a way to cut through the mental clutter and find clarity by simply doing the next right thing from a place of love. Filled with soulful opportunities to pause and reflect, this is a book to savor slowly as you feel yourself becoming more grounded and peaceful.

Honey for a Child’s Heart: The Imaginative Use of Books in Family Life by Gladys Hunt

We all know that books hold a precious place in the homeschool family. If you’re seeking to fill your children’s lives with books that will captivate their hearts with truth, beauty and goodness, this guide to the best books for kids will elevate your family culture to the next level. With thousands of book recommendations and wisdom on how to help your child engage with what they’re reading, this resource has been a go-to for families for 50 years and is a must read for every homeschool mom.

Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace by Sarah Mackenzie

As a homeschool mom, this is the book I return to year after year, and I’ve heard so many other moms say the same. Sarah beautifully articulates the heart behind her homeschool as she aims to focus on relationships and pointing her children toward Christ without sacrificing an excellent education along the way. Her gentle encouragement to set aside frantic box-checking for a more restful way of teaching will be a balm to your weary soul. At just 88 pages it’s a quick read, but one that will stay with you long after you finish the final chapter.

We hope you’ll enjoy one (or more!) of these books this summer and that they’ll infuse your homeschooling with fresh energy and enthusiasm.

For more great book recommendations, be sure to download our free Summer Reading packet that’s filled with lots more titles and activities to help your family embrace reading this summer.

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Aimee grew up among the cornfields of rural Michigan, where she was captivated by Jesus as a teenager and married her high school sweetheart. Together they moved to New England where they homeschool their two children together. Aimee has a Master's degree in Biblical Languages from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She enjoys exploring new places, reading great stories, and enjoying the outdoors with her family.