Reading books by other homeschoolers is a great way to reconnect with your vision for homeschooling and remind yourself why you’re doing this. Here, in no particular order, are ten books that we believe will help keep your passion for this homeschooling adventure going strong!

Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace by Sarah Mackenzie

As a homeschool mom, this is the book I return to year after year, and I’ve heard so many other moms say the same. Sarah beautifully articulates the heart behind her homeschool as she aims to focus on relationships and pointing her children toward Christ without sacrificing an excellent education along the way. Her gentle encouragement to set aside frantic box-checking for a more restful way of teaching will be a balm to your weary soul. At just 88 pages it’s a quick read, but one that will stay with you long after you finish the final chapter.

For the Children’s Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

When I talk to homeschool moms about what helped them take the plunge into homeschooling, the book that comes up more than any other is For the Children’s Sake. Drawing from the vision of Charlotte Mason, this book offers a window into a world where every child is respected as the unique individual God created them to be and home is filled with the richness of living and learning as a family. You’ll be inspired and equipped to begin cultivating a vibrant home atmosphere that cares not just for the minds of your children, but for their hearts and souls as well.

The Four-Hour School Day: How You and Your Kids Can Thrive in the Homeschool Life by Durenda Wilson

Withdrawing your child from the traditional school system can be daunting. Many parents wonder if they have what it takes to homeschool day in and day out. Durenda Wilson knows these doubts and insecurities well, but after homeschooling 8 children for 25+ years, she has seen God’s faithfulness as she trusted the process of home education. Whether you’re a brand-new homeschool parent or you’ve been homeschooling for a while, this book will encourage you to break free from comparison, let go of your ideas of what homeschooling “should” look like, and embrace the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling in a way that works for your unique family.

Expect Something Beautiful: Finding God’s Good Gifts in Motherhood by Laura Booz

As a homeschooling mom of 6, Laura Booz has an important message to share about the meaning of motherhood. We don’t just pour ourselves out for the children in our care because it’s good for them or because it’s what God requires of us. God has something important for us to receive from Him in our mothering! God is ready and willing to shower us with peace through the ups and downs, patience amidst the trials, ironclad trust in His promises, countless opportunities for worship, and so much more! Let Laura’s words invite you to experience all the goodness God has for you in motherhood.

The Brave Learner: Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning and Life by Julie Bogart

The Brave Learner is like therapy for your homeschool mama heart in book form. Drawing from her decades of experience homeschooling 5 kids, Julie challenges us to question the educational paradigms that drive us to push, nag, and battle our kids over schoolwork. Instead, she invites us to create a learning atmosphere that makes room for surprise, risk, mystery and adventure, to set our children free to explore and grow with curiosity and delight.

Homeschool Bravely: How to Squash Doubt, Trust God and Teach Your Children with Confidence by Jamie Erickson

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with doubt as a homeschool mom? If the what-ifs are taking up too much space in your head (What if I’m not doing enough? What if I made the wrong decision? What if they never get into college?), you’ll love the shift in perspective Jamie brings based on her decades of homeschooling experience. With lots of practical guidance like what to do with the toddlers while your trying to teach and how to stay strong when others criticize your decision to homeschool, you’ll be encouraged and inspired by this book.

The Call of the Wild + Free: Reclaiming Wonder in Your Child’s Education by Ainsley Arment

If you long for your children to experience a childhood rooted in a love of nature, reading great stories, pursuing interests and hobbies, and making the entire world your classroom, then this book is for you! Founder of the Wild + Free movement and homeschooling mom of 5, Ainsley Arment will invite you to imagine a homeschool life steeped in wonder and empower you to bring this vision to life in your own family.

The Convivial Homeschool: Gospel Encouragement for Keeping Your Sanity While Living and Learning Alongside Your Kids by Mystie Winckler

This devotional book contains thirty days of short readings saturated with Scripture. Written by second-generation homeschooler and mom of 5, Mystie Winckler, this book constantly brings us back to our vision for homeschooling and reminds us that God calls us to homeschooling to bring about our sanctification as well as our children’s. This is a convicting and inspiring read that will draw you closer to God and help you focus on what truly matters.

Modern Miss Mason: Discover How Charlotte Mason’s Revolutionary Ideas on Home Education Can Change How You and Your Children Learn and Grow Together by Leah Boden

If you are in any way interested in Charlotte Mason education, put this book at the top of your list! Leah is a homeschooling mom of 4 and a longtime student of Charlotte Mason’s life and writings. She will invite you to find the freedom within Charlotte Mason’s principles and apply them in a way that breathes life into your family. Whether you’re new to Charlotte Mason or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find inspiration for every step of your homeschool journey as you explore the philosophy as a whole as well as specific topics like nature study, living books, picture study, narration, and more.

Awaking Wonder: Opening Your Child’s Heart to the Beauty of Learning by Sally Clarkson

For years, parents around the world have asked beloved author and speaker Sally Clarkson how she and her husband ignited a love of learning and a deep faith in each of their four children. This book is her answer. If you are filled with idealistic longings and hope to raise healthy, vibrant adults, you will find encouragement in these pages. And if you’re feeling exhausted, ill-equipped, or unsupported in your homeschool life, Sally’s stories will give you a breath of hope as well as practical ideas for moving forward. You can nurture your children to live into their potential by laying a foundation of spiritual formation and strong faith. This book will point the way.

We hope you’ll enjoy one (or more!) of these books and that they’ll infuse your homeschooling with fresh energy and enthusiasm.

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