Enrich your nature study with this free printable packet all about trees! This activity book has over 40 pages of educational and fun worksheets, fact sheets, diagrams, and more. Learn about how trees grow, different types of trees, shapes of trees, and all the facts you need to know, from why trees have bark to why some trees’ leaves change color in the fall and some don’t.

In this packet you will find:

  • Types of Trees Encyclopedia
  • Tree Flashcards
  • Shapes of Trees Activity
  • Deciduous vs. Coniferous Trees Worksheet
  • Life Cycle of Trees Activity
  • Anatomy of a Tree Diagram
  • Parts of a Tree Trunk Diagram
  • Fruits that Grow on Trees
  • Trees in Each Season Journal
  • Crossword Puzzle

You can download your free PDF here. Head into the forest and start exploring and learning about God’s great creation!

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  1. Thank you

  2. Would y’all mind if I link your website to our redapplebarn.com farm and agritourism site?
    Love that y’all do FREE printables!!
    Some FREE Georgia Grown printables, recipes and activities are available if you go to http://www.feedmyschool.org They ask that if we share, please tag them with #GeorgiaGrown.
    Thanks! 🙂 Becca HP

  3. Thank you so much. The activities are so interesting and the worksheets so practical. Thank you for sharing your hard work.

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