There are lots of benefits to keeping a log of your children’s reading!

  • It’s helpful in homeschool planning to be able to look back on what topics you’ve covered and what books you might want to work into your next year or semester.
  • It gives your kids a sense of accomplishment. Especially for a beginning or reluctant reader, seeing all they’ve read listed out in one place can.
  • If your state requires documentation of what you’ve covered in your homeschool, maintaining a reading log throughout the year makes it easy to pull together your end-of-the-year paperwork.
  • It’s fun to look back on the books you’ve shared as a family and remember the happy memories you shared as you read together.

For all those reasons and more, we’ve put together a packet of free printables to help you and your kids keep track of what you’ve read. Print one page, or use them all! Here’s what you’ll find in this packet:

  • Pages to track your Family Read Alouds, Independent Reading (print one for each child and the whole family can participate), and reading done in specific subjects like History, Art + Music, Science, and Poetry.
  • A place for you to list your Books to Read and Books to Buy
  • A Reading Habit Tracker. Whatever your reading goal, use this page to stay on track by coloring 1 of the 100 books for every step closer to your goal. Read 100 books in a year, read 15 minutes a day for 100 days, read 100 picture books, read 100 chapter books. Your kids will love seeing their chart fill up as they make progress toward their goal.
  • Monthly Reading Logs. Each page has 12 spots for your child to write or draw about the books they read that month.
  • A Book Review page. This form can help you guide your child in writing about some of the books they read by recording the title, author, and their personal star rating, as well as details about the characters, setting, and their favorite part of the book.

You can download your Reading Journal printables HERE.

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  1. Thank you for this .I am Homeschooling our grand daughter in 1st grade. T His will be a big help for the rest of this year.

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