Hands-On Math Helps Make the Grade!

Kindergarten Daily Helper Lapbook Sample As a homeschooling mom with sixteen years under my belt, math still makes me cringe! I loved teaching my four children history, science, and the arts. Each of these subjects I pored over each summer. Spending hours researching our field trips, experiments, and projects for the upcoming […]

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Engaged in Learning Math

In elementary school, I’d do pages of math worksheets—and ask for more! This was back when the copies were printed in blue and smelled of the peculiar ink used in the copy machines. There were no fun, colorful pages with pictures, just problem after problem of math—and I loved it! […]

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Understand Fractions to Understand Algebra

Fractions say, “I have an equivalent.” Fractions say, “Look at my denominator before you add.” Fractions say, “Look at my denominator before you subtract.” Fractions say, “Multiply numerator times numerator and denominator times denominator, in order to multiply.” Fractions say, “Invert the second term then follow rules for multiplication, if […]

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