There are many approaches to homeschooling. We’ll help you find the one that fits your family.

  • homeschool style

    Discover Your Family’s Homeschooling Style

    There are many ways to cook an egg, earn a living, tell a story, and teach a child. When it comes to homeschooling, styles range from strict adherence to traditional teaching to complete freedom for the student to follow his or her interests and everything in between. Whether you’re new […]

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  • adventure

    Living the Adventure

    When I first began to entertain the thought of homeschooling after the birth of my first child, I never imagined how that decision would lead us on a journey of a lifetime. But it has, and the only way to describe our experience is to say just that: it has […]

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  • The call of the wild and free

    The Call of the Wild + Free: An Interview with Ainsley Arment

    Today we’d like to share with you a conversation between homeschool editor, Kalila, and Ainsley Arment, founder of the Wild + Free homeschool community. Ainsley is the author of the newly released book, The Call of the Wild + Free: Reclaiming Wonder in Your Child’s Education. We hope you […]

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  • Learning Intelligences

    Understanding Learning Intelligences & How They Impact Your Homeschool

    What are Learning Intelligences? We all know people who struggled with a certain subject in school whether it was a classmate, a sibling, ourselves or our child. The tendency is to focus on the negative. “I’m no good at math; numbers just don’t make any sense” “I’ll never be able […]

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  • Homeschooling Philosophies and Methods

    Deciding to homeschool was one of the most exciting times in my life as a parent. I had always loved the idea of homeschooling, but never thought I would be able or willing to take the plunge. When my husband and I finally determined that I should give it a […]

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  • A Gentle Preschool: The Charlotte Mason Way

    The preschool years are a special time, full of wonder and innocence as children try to make sense of their world. I don’t know about you, but when I think about what I want for my preschoolers, I want these years to be abundantly full of excitement, discovery, and learning. […]

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  • classical education

    The Sense of Classical Education

    The aim of a classical education is to form children into adults who pursue truth, prefer goodness, and proliferate beauty. The art of grammar provides practice in gathering truth naturally through hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling. The art of dialectic provides practice in wisely analyzing the goodness of the things we see, hear, […]

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  • Delight-Directed Learning

    Delight-Directed Learning

    When my son was a little guy and we began homeschooling, I poured over homeschool magazines, surfed the Internet for hours, joined forums and Yahoo groups, and asked every homeschool mom I encountered a million questions about curriculum, homeschool methodology, and schedules. If I was going to homeschool my bright, […]

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  • Unit Study

    The Unit Study Method

    During my second year of homeschooling, a friend invited my girls over for a playdate. I will never forget the sound of my youngest, as she yelled across the house, “Mom, they get to make stuff and go on field trips for school! Why do we have to write in […]

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  • Relaxed Home Schooling ®

    The basic tenets of relaxed homeschooling are the following: You are a family, not a school; You are a father, a husband, and the head of the family, not a principal; You are a mother, not a teacher; You have individual relationships with your children; not a classroom. Relaxed homeschooling […]

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  • What is Classical Christian Education? A Sailing Ship

    The word classical is derived from the Latin word classis, which means “a fleet of ships.” Let me, therefore, touch on some of the ways in which classical Christian education can be likened to a ship. Like an old three-masted ship built of wood and powered by the wind, classical education sailed around […]

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