Homeschool Hacks


Manners and Respect: The Big Four

“Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.” —1 Peter 2:17 Much has been written regarding the importance of teaching children manners and respect. A web search produces a plethora of resources such as books, podcasts, video series, parenting classes, etiquette classes, and blog articles. It can […]

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giving gifts

Giving Gifts From the Heart

“Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?” “Ugh. No. I’m still trying to find the perfect gift.” Can you relate to this conversation? I can, too. But all that is changing this year. Let’s redefine the “perfect” gift. (Send it to the recycle bin, along with trying to find […]

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Multi-Level Teaching: Tips and Perks

How to teach your kids all together, otherwise known as multi-level teaching, can be boiled down to these few words: use hands-on activities in units … it is that simple! Hands-on activities are the great levelers, because everyone is doing the same activity regardless of age or grade level and […]

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